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Film Yak is a weekly podcast featuring in-depth movie discussions. Each week one of our cohosts chooses a film for the three of us to watch, discuss, debate, angrily gripe about, and sometimes even praise. After the discussion, we play a nice round of Letterboxd roulette to see what film two of the cohosts will be saddled with watching and reporting on during the subsequent episode. Follow us on IG: @filmyakpodcast Subscribe to us and rate us on iTunes, Stitcher, or wherever you listen to podcasts. Thanks for listening. Enjoy!

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 45 - Dante's Inferno

    In this week’s episode we talk Kevin’s pick, the uncategorizable *Dante’s Inferno* from 2007. We also talk the new trailers for *Lizzie* and *If Beale Street Could Talk*, *Mission Impossible Fallout*, plus other stuff we watched. Thanks for listening. Enjoy! Trailers – *Lizzie*, *If Beale Street Could Talk* What We Watched – ...


  2. Episode 44 - The Face of Another

    This week, Kevin, JR, and Jonathan go it alone to discuss Jonathan’s pick, *The Face of Another*; Jonathan and JR’s heads explode when Kevin talks cutting crucial scenes from *The Thin Red Line*; Plus we talk trailers and other stuff we watched. Thanks for listening. Enjoy! 0:00 – Intro/Trailers 12:37 – What ...


  3. Episode 43 - In the Mood For Love

    John Ryan (JR) is back this week and has brought along his favorite movie of all time for our 43rd deep dive. We also talk the new trailer for *Glass* as well as other stuff we watched. Thanks for listening. Enjoy! 0:00 - Intro/News/Trailers 20:32 - What We Watched: *15:17 to Paris*, ...


  4. Episode 42 - Big Trouble in Little China

    0:00 - Intro/News 17:15 - What We Watched: *The Brave*, *Thunderheart*, *Sicario Day of the Soldado*, *Jurassic World*, *Tangerine*, *A Sound of Thunder*, *Transformers The Last Knight*, *Marie Antoinette*, *12 Years a Slave*, *Tombstone*, *Timecop*, *Hard Rain*, *The Lobster*, *The Killing of a Sacred Deer*, *First Reformed*, *Thor Ragnarok*, *Repo Man* 1:42:18 ...


  5. Episode 41 - The Florida Project

    This week we welcome guest cohost Park to discuss his pick, *The Florida Project*. We also talk the death of Robby Muller as well as other stuff we watched. Thanks for listening. Enjoy! 0:00 - Intro/Robby Muller/Criterion sale pick ups 10:32 - What We Watched: *Inside Llewyn Davis*, *Sicario Day of the ...