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Film Yak is a weekly podcast featuring in-depth movie discussions. Each week one of our cohosts chooses a film for the three of us to watch, discuss, debate, angrily gripe about, and sometimes even praise. After the discussion, we play a nice round of Letterboxd roulette to see what film two of the cohosts will be saddled with watching and reporting on during the subsequent episode. Follow us on IG: @filmyakpodcast Subscribe to us and rate us on iTunes, Stitcher, or wherever you listen to podcasts. Thanks for listening. Enjoy!

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 73 - Tequila Sunrise + Year/Decade in Review

    On our first episode of 2020 we talk the best films of the past year and the past decade. We also get into Kevin's pick, the little-discussed 1988 neo-noir, *Tequila Sunrise*. Thanks for listening. Enjoy! ...


  2. Episode 72 - Memories of Murder

    This week we talk Bong Joon-Ho's procedural crime drama, *Memories of Murder*. We also talk other stuff we watched such as *Joker*, *The Lighthouse*, and *El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie*. Thanks for listening. Enjoy! ...


  3. Episode 71 - Gettysburg

    This week we fix bayonets to discuss the four-and-a-half hour epic, *Getttysburg*. Plus, we talk Scorsese's controversial Marvel comments and other stuff we watched. Thanks for listening. Enjoy! ...


  4. Episode 70 - Macbeth

    This week we end the nearly two month hiatus to talk Jonathan's pick, Polanski's controversial retelling of Shakespeare's *Macbeth* from 1971. We also talk Tarantino's latest, plus lots of other stuff we watched. Thanks for listening. Enjoy! ...


  5. Episode 69 - Sling Blade

    We're back to talk about Billy Bob Thornton's *Sling Blade*, starring Thornton, Dwight Yoakam, John Ritter, and JT Walsh. We also discuss a few trailers, and what we've been watching lately like *Black Swan*, *Midsommar*, *The Crow*, *The Art of Self-Defense*, *The Wicker Man*, *Straw Dogs*, *Yesterday*, *Childhood of a ...