Episode 12 - Heart of Glass

Episode 12 November 10, 2017 01:54:25
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Episode 12 - Heart of Glass

Show Notes

This week we gather to discuss Jonathan's pick, _Heart of Glass_ from 1976. We also get wrist deep into some huge news stories including Kevin Spacey being scrubbed and replaced in Ridley Scott's _All the Money in the World_ and Disney's furthering efforts to wash the world in mediocrity. Plus we answer your feedback. Thanks for listening. Enjoy! 0:00 - Intro/News 11:54 - What we watched: _The Last Emperor_ , _The Thin Red Line_ , _Halloween H20_ , _Ali: Fear Eats the Soul_ , _Thief_ , _Certain Women_ , _Amadeus_ , _Three Kings_ , _Carnival of Souls_ , _Clouds of Sils Maria_ , _Personal Shopper_ , _Daddy Longlegs_ , _Battleship Potemkin_ 1:18:16 - Deep Dive: _Heart of Glass_ (1976) 1:41:31 - Feedback: Best times to watch movies, Movies for MST3K to riff on 1:51:22 - Outro/Next Episode Comments, Questions: [email protected]

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