Episode 30 - Persona

Episode 30 April 04, 2018 02:22:42
Film Yak
Episode 30 - Persona

Show Notes

This week we talk Ingmar Bergman's film, *Persona*. We also get into other stuff we watched as well as some feedback (sort of). Thanks for listening. Enjoy! 0:00 - Intro/First Reformed Trailer/Dune remake 19:15 - What We Watched: *As You Are*, *Snatch*, *Mother*, *Paths of Glory*, *Eyes Wide Shut*, *California Typewriter*, *I Am Not Your Negro*, *Highway*, *The Three Musketeers*, *A Knight's Tale*, *Roseanne* 1:35:13 - Deep Dive: *Persona* (1966) d. Ingmar Bergman 2:09:02 - Feedback (sort of): John Ryan replies to Brakhage question 2:11:30 - Outro/Next Episode [email protected]

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