Episode 4 - Under the Skin/The Hired Hand

Episode 4 September 18, 2017 02:08:15
Episode 4 - Under the Skin/The Hired Hand
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Episode 4 - Under the Skin/The Hired Hand

Show Notes

On this week's episode we dive deeply into Jonathan Glazer's sci-fi stunner, _Under the Skin, _as well as Peter Fonda's cult western, _The Hired Hand_. We also discuss what we watched, including the recently released horror film _It _and answer some feedback questions. Enjoy! 0:00 - Intro 2:25 - What We Watched: _It_ , _Rosemary's Baby_ , _Holy Hell_ , _Jesus Camp_ , _Religulous_ , _Anatomy of a Deception_ , _Frances Ha_ , _The Place Beyond the Pines_ , ___Funny Games_ __, _Leningrad Cowboys Go America_ , _Killing Them Softly_ , _Rope of Sand_ , ___From Here to Eternity_ , _Hard to be a God_ 56:31 - Deep Dive _Under the Skin_ 1:21:55 - Deep Dive _The Hired Hand_ 1:45:04 - Star Rating Battle 1:46:24 - Feedback 2:05:12 - Outro/Next Episode Questions, comments: [email protected]

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