Episode 64 - Twixt

Episode 64 April 10, 2019 01:57:03
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Episode 64 - Twixt

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This week, for the first time in several years, the four of us are back together to talk JR's pick *Twixt* from Francis Ford Coppola. We also discuss the trailer's for *The Dead Don't Die* and Nicolas Winding Refn's new Amazon Prime project *Too Old to Die Young*. We also get into JR's thoughts on French New Wave, *The Man Who Wasn't There*, *Carrie*, *Logan's Run*, *Dragged Across Concrete*, *Leaving Neverland*, *O Brother, Where Art Thou?*, and Jordan Peele's new film *Us*. We'd love to hear from our listeners at [email protected]!

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